PASS Summit Favourites (Part 1 of Many)

PASS Summit has been great this year and I’ve been honoured with the chance to both attend and speak.
This post is my ongoing highlights with links out to the videos of sessions I’ve enjoyed and learned from.

10 Productivity Tools

Rob Sewell and John Morehouse take 10 minutes to race though 10 useful tools to help with your development. A really fun session to watch and by the end you’ll certainly be heading towards the download page for a few of these suggestions.

10 minutes into SQL Notebooks

Another 10-minute session, this time from Deepthi Goguri on notebooks. Summary notebooks are a great way to merge code, results and explanations, you should probably be using them yourself. Watch to find out why.

An Introduction to Delta Lakes and Delta Lake-Houses

Paul Andrew knows both his lakes and his houses. This is the best primer on the subject I’ve watched so far. Great to watch both for those new to the subject and those looking for a good clear introduction to share with others.

Business Benefits of Good Governance

Victoria Holt finds Data Governance exciting and I’m really glad there are people that do, it’s important! Well worth a watch to find out why and what to do about it.

MS SQL New Functions, Syntaxes, Tips & Tricks

If you know me then you probably know that I’m a big T-SQL fan and that I’ll be in my element with a session title like the one above. Damir Matešić nails it in this session covering the key new T-SQL features added since SQL 2016.

Modern Data Warehousing with Azure Synapse Analytics

A few steps up I said Paul Andrew had the best primer on Lakes and Lakehouses. The good news for us is he has competition! Unfortunately there are technical issues with the video at present (it cuts off at about 13 minutes) but having listened to Ginger Grant’s live Q&A session I’ sure that as soon as it’s fixed her session on a similar topic will be just as good.

Practical Experiences from Working with Synapse

Sessions that give real world experience are always valuable and this session from Brian Bønk and Mathias Halkjær shows why. Synapse can be intimidating and stories from those who have hit pain points and explaining how to avoid them are always welcome.

Data Transformation Magic with Power Query

For me personally this session didn’t teach me many new tricks, but it was a really good, worked example of how to put together a data extract with Power Query. I can see myself sharing this with others as a resource if/when it comes out from behind the Summit paywall. Watch it here.

Building a Regret-free Foundation for your Data Factory

I didn’t know I needed Meagan Longoria’s session until I started watching it but it’s one I’m sure I’ll be coming back to over and over as I start on new projects. One of the best things a session can do is provide warnings from past experience to help others avoid mistakes they’ll later regret. This session is over an hour’s worth of suggestions to make sure that the next person (usually future you) doesn’t regret what you did in Data Factory.

The Dream Team: Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools and Pipelines

Andy Cutler takes us through how to make the most of serverless pools and pipelines in Synapse. As an old school SSIS and SQL Server type BI developer who’s starting in on Synapse projects I can see myself having this session running on repeat over the next few weeks.

An Introduction to Window Functions

What’s this Barney Lawrence guy doing on this list? Perhaps it’s a little self-indulgent but presenting at PASS Summit is always going to be a highlight and I’m not going to miss a chance to promote my own session. Feedback has been good so far and I’m pleased with what I’ve produced.

And More…

I aim to add to this list over the next few weeks. There are several sessions I haven’t had time to watch yet that I’m sure will be brilliant and PASS have promised to make available many of the sessions that weren’t live streamed in the near future.

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