SQL Window Functions

Links to resources related to Window Functions and my sessions on them.

This page is here to act as an index to material I’ve produced relating to window functions.

GitHub: https://github.com/BarneyLawrence/Sessions-SQL-Window_Functions
My main repository, this holds PowerPoint presentations, sample queries and workbooks either used in sessions, to back them up or to develop the examples used.

Future Sessions

I’ll be presenting on window functions at:
PASS Data Community Summit – November 15th to 18th. Pre recorded session and live QA on Wednesday 15th 04:00 PM–04:30 PM PST

Further Resources

Itzik Ben-Gan’s Blogs at SQLPerformance.com
T-SQL Beyond the Basics – My 2021 PASS Summit session, includes sections on window functions amongst other intermediate techniques.

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